Sugar & Gold

Sugar & Gold, Inc is a studio founded by Emily Vaca in 2012 that specializes in events, design, and decor.

Photo by Sean Cook Weddings  |  Blush Chiffon Skirt by Sugar & Gold

Photo by Sean Cook Weddings  |  Blush Chiffon Skirt by Sugar & Gold

Launching the company in 2012, the name for Sugar & Gold was inspired by Emily's father—also a graphic designer—whose nickname for her since she can remember has been Sugar. Her father was the lead example and biggest inspiration behind her pursuit of a career in design, as well as her biggest supporter and extra set of hands for all of the DIY projects she took on even before she had ever heard of Photoshop (which her father taught her in 7th grade). So it was only fitting for him to be the reason behind the company name. And gold? Well, starting a new project often feels like mining an infinite cave for a fresh idea and sometimes don’t know where to strike first. At times, it can be frustrating and exhausting, but the most exciting part of the entire process is that big ah-ha moment when you feel like you've solved it… you feel like you’ve struck gold.

With a degree and background in design and photography, Emily Vaca currently works as an Associate Creative Director in the advertising division at one of the largest design firms in Chicago. (You can find her professional design portfolio here.) But her love for design is a passion that doesn't stop at her day job. Her spare time is filled with a desire to constantly create… whether that be a DIY decor project for her home, wedding invitations for a new bride-to-be, or throwing a dinner party for her friends with custom gold leafed place settings.

It is the incessant desire to create that inspired Emily to start her own company so that she could create for others as well. And it was the desire to document and share of the design and projects she created for her own wedding that led to the launch of the Sugar & Gold blog in 2014. Marrying David, an extremely talented art director also working in advertising, led to the two designing several handmade elements for their wedding that created a truly personal touch for the celebration. And the catalyst for the first post, the wedding was motivation for Emily to finally launch the blog she had been planning to start since she took step by step photos of her very first DIY project several years prior.


Made of Sugar & Gold

Sugar & Gold, Inc specializes in everything from event design (styling and creating custom pieces for weddings, parties, and intimate dinners), invitation and website design, interior design and custom decor, branding and identity, photoshoot styling and prop design, and creative direction consultation... and all of the things in between.

Whether it be building custom decor pieces from concrete and gold leaf, creating props for photoshoot backgrounds of balloons and tassels, or styling and executing custom romantic details for a beautiful wedding celebration, Emily can't wait to start a new creative vision with you!

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